Coming Soon!!!The 8GB MP4 player with 3.0 inch LED screen

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We would like to introduce our new product here..

A new fashion design elegant, all-metal back cover, precision manufacturing, ultra-thin body (only 10MM thickness), only half a palm-sized machine is small, a very appropriate handle.

Rising Micro-top high-end video and audio decoder chip with the perfect combination of Samsung's memory chip, based machine to create the most stable quality and perfect sound quality and the most high-end enjoyment. This machine direct support AVI, RM, RMVB formats network videos file playback, direct view, without conversion.

SNR greater than 85dB, sound quality is quite good; using high-speed USB 2.0 interface, transmission speeds up to 3MB / S, can guarantee the high-capacity file transfer time is very short time.

e-book function: long text recording function, can not read the article (.* TXT) copy to the mobile site any time to read. To support independent bookmarks, automatically browsing.

U-disk drive-free: no management procedures, directly through the "My Computer" in the "Removable Disk" for file operations, in WIN2000 over the system without having to install drivers.

Record / Repeat: record through microphone and saved as WAV and ACT format voice files, choose paragraph repeat or contrast repeat, realizing real digital repeat function.

Energy-saving settings, font color, display brightness, freedom of the interface background settings.

Portable electronic photo albums: support for high-definition picture browsing, portable electronic photo albums.

Moving nature of the whole menu thru touch screen: intuitive, simple

Can't wait to have this product,

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